Our credo

  • 1. Simplicity Our No. 1 rule is to bring within the reach of the user and not to drown in technical terms.
  • 2. Adaptability Our rule number 2 is to adapt to the user so that, following its rate of progress, it has the best performance.
  • 3. Efficiency Our rule number 3 is that the client has made real progress in the field that interested him and be pleased with our intrevention.
  • Call us: +377 92 05 54 20
  • Emmergency: 06 40 62 89 12

Assistance in the use


Need help?

Having a computer is good. Know how to use it is better! Computers and software are becoming more sophisticated but also more complicated, we offer tailored support to help you tame your PC or a companion software.


» Think Flash PC!

As we can not know everything, Flash PC offers assistance to utlisation:

  • Basic training in the use of a PC
  • Improvement to the discovery of Windows
  • Introduction to Software Installation
  • Course on Office Software
  • Learning backup
  • Other training on request



The computer is not rocket science, and gradually you'll better understand your PC. Progressive courses on computing in general or on a particular software will help you regain confidence and return you enjoy using your hardware ... we're here for that! See our very affordable rates...