In case of failure

  • 1. Diagnostic We determine what is the cause of the outage and what component is defective.
  • 2. Quote We establish an estimate for replacing the item because of the failure.
  • 3. Proposal If the estimate seems too high according to the age and model of your PC, we propose you a replacement.
  • Call us: +377 92 05 54 20
  • Emmergency: 06 40 62 89 12

Computer repair shop

Because a failure can always happen

It's a disaster: you want to use your PC and it don't boot! Do not panic. If the on-site fails, we will offer to take your computer and we will prepare a quote for a complete repair hardware and software in shop.

» Think Flash PC!

Your PC is broken? a component to grilled or your machine seems damn? A repair shop should be considered. If the amount of the estimate is too large, we can propose you a new computer with our partner Green IT Consulting, specialist of green IT.

  • Changing a component
  • Replacing an element
  • Upgrading your configuration
  • Complete reinstallation of your computer
  • Backing up your important data
  • Proposed change in the event of excessive quotation
  • etc.

Stay Zen!

Just like a car or home, it may happen that a part has failed. We propose, on estimate, replacement of the defective item. If the amount looks too high, we suggest buying a new computer thanks to our partner Monaco Green IT Consulting.