Good Habits

  • 1. Reboot The first thing to do in case of problem is to reboot your machine after 2 minutes waiting.
  • 2. Verification Have you checked that all was well connected and plugged in? A cable may be simply inserted incorrectly!
  • 3. Call If after several attempts the problem persists, do not aggravate things: call the professionals Flash PC!
  • Call us: +377 92 05 54 20
  • Emmergency: 06 40 62 89 12

Computer troubleshooting at home

Before it's too late!

Your computer refuse to start? Your PC is unstable, regularly crash or is subject to various bugs? Your machine looks like haunted? A home intervention is needed! Feel free to call us for a flash intervention!

» Think Flash PC!

Whether your machine is recalcitrant or a software decided to rot your life, relax on professionals and find a smile! Discover the main home services we offer:

  • Troubleshooting your computer at home
  • Cleaning the operating system on your PC
  • Disinfection of viruses and Trojans
  • Recovering your computer
  • Backing up your important data
  • Professional advice and explanations
  • etc.

Do not crack, we're here!

For every problem there is a solution. If your computer seems to go his own head, is that something has disturbed, went wrong or he is "sick". Like a doctor, we administer the right medication so that your PC back to health! Learn about our ultra competitive prices.